Linux. A Secure and Reliable OS

It's annoying me when working with a computer at my office and suddenly it stop responding and i have to reboot my computer. It happen almost of the time and i have to call a technician at least once in a month to have him repair my computer and make it work again.
I do all the technician suggestions on how to make a computer health in a network / Internet environment but it still happen over and over again and thats drive me nuts especially when it happen in a Busy time. I'm lucky if that's happen at the office, just call the office technician and he'll do the repair for me, but what if that happen at my home computer? Call the technician and pay the bill :(

Get Paid Online

Some friends of mine suggest me to start earn money from my online activity, they told me a lot of poeple do make money online in several ways. The first thing came up in my mind is how can i earn money from my online activity and how they gonna pay me with ? I'll tell about how can i earn money online later but now i'm gonna tell you how they will pay me with.

If you notice the internet selling and buying transaction, like if you want to buy a furniture, shoes etc, generally the store will charge from your credit card. You just simply pick your stuff to buy and they will give you the form where you fill your personal data and Credit card number and after your card verified they will send a notification that your stuff is on the way to your place.