Earthquake in Java, Indonesia

Today (2009-09-02) at about 4.10 PM GMT+7 poeple in Java, Indonesia shocked by a 7.3 RS earthquake, including my self. I was in the city Called Cirebon, West Java and suddenly i felt the shaking around me. When i realized that was an earthquake i ran out from the building i was in and many poeple stop doing what they did.

Few minutes after that everything is back to normal here and i login to the internet to search any information i can find about the earthquake and i found the information here :

Magnitude 7.0 Java Indonesia

One of the closest area is Tasikmalaya and lots of houses and buildings are damage, but we don't have any information about life casualties yet, lets hope there's none. People from Jakarta feel the earthquake too but not as big as Tasikmalaya as reported.

This is the earthquake location :

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