undefined alert in magento ecommerce

I have setup my magento ecommerce site in production environment and everything is cool until one week ago i receive "undefined" alert box at the end of the checkout process, this alert just came up in sudden and i ask my self what have i done? and i answer nothing!

So i surf and ask around and i have so many responses and after few days doing this and that i found this is really simple to solve "undefined" alert box problem.
This problem caused by my magento ecommerce application need more resource than the maximum resources of my web server setting, by double up the value of maximum memory and time out setting in your php.ini will solve the "undefined" alert problem in magento ecommerce.

This is what i did :

1. Open the cpanel of my hosting.
2. Go to php config.
3. Choose the php5(single php.ini) option instead of php5(default) option.
4. Open php.ini files.
5. Double up this value
- max_execution_time =
- max_input_time =
- memory_limit =
6. Save changes.

And problem solved.
Don't forget to backup your php.ini file if you already have one before doing this procedure, step number 3 create a master php.ini file in root directory for use by all php application in your site. Hope this help anyone who have same problem with me.


  1. Can you help me sir, please?
    I dont find php config in my cPanel hosting account.
    I have php configuration, but there is nothing to be modifying. Just a text with information.
    What can i do to fix my magneto issue?

  2. @Emanuel:
    Please ask your hosting tech support about copnfiguring/modifying php.ini or tell them that you have magento problem and to resolve it is to modify the php configuration and i think they will guide you how to do that.
    Sorry for late reply.

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